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The Solstice Prince, Realms of Love #1

November 24th, 2017

Gay Epic Fantasy Romance

Jaime Buchanan was born with a gift, one powerful enough to gain him entry into the exalted Corinthian Healer Academy half a world away from his birthplace, the superstitious backwater city of Marlec Pointe. Unbeknownst to Jaime, his father mortgaged everything to send Jaime to school. Three years later, Jaime received word of his father’s impending death. Arriving too late to save his father, Jaime’s world is torn apart by the superstitious locals who sell him into slavery. Jaime is tormented by his captors before he is sold to miners on a faraway island in the frozen north. 
A freak storm forces the slavers’ ship into port at Taliesin City, the winter capital of Pyrderi. Slavery is outlawed in Pyrderi, and Jaime is rescued by royal guards. Jaime's ordeal has left him scarred, and he is a shadow of his former self. He finds work in the palace kitchens, all the while terrified his abilities will haunt him forever.
The winter solstice festival is fast approaching, spurring Jaime out of the kitchens and into the wider palace. A chance encounter with a prince turns his fragile world on its head. Prince Maxim is unexpectedly kind, and Jaime flees, shaken by his reaction to the prince. Prince Maxim is a sword master, beloved youngest child of King Llyr, and a favorite of the Pyrderian people. Jaime finds himself doubting his self-worth when Prince Maxim expresses his affection, and yet despite his fear, Jaime accepts the prince’s overtures.
A courtship begins, and a love grows that brings Jaime back to life…only for tragedy to strike. Jaime knows grief and loss, and it is his turn to help his solstice prince. Jaime has learned the greatest lesson of all, the healing power of love.




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