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Welcome to SJ Himes & Revella Hawthorne's site!

Hi everyone! I write LGBT+ romance and erotica, as SJ Himes and Revella Hawthorne. 

The Beacon Hill Sorcerer series on Audio! Click here to go to Audible!  
I'm currently working on Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3, The Necromancer's Reckoning! 



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Home for the Holidays
Mating Season
The Degan Paradox
Healing Fire
The Prince's Consort
The King's Command
Change of Heart
Knave of Broken Hearts
The King's Command

The King’s Command picks up right where The Prince’s Consort ends. Edward and Percy have left the Royal Castle and are now living at Hartgrove. They are happy, falling more in love and excited to have a baby on the way.

Back at the Royal...

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